Nov 22, 2012

welcome back! seriously?

Dear Blog,
I'm very sorry to have abandoned you for suchhhhhh a lonnnngggggg periodddddddd..... I have never expect that I could really totally ignored you that I have almost forgotten the password to log in to this blogger site,sighhhh..... :((

Anyway, let's move on bebeh.....
1 year ++ has passed and alhamdulillah have safely delivered cute baby girl and we named her Nurin Nuha :D
She will be 10 months in just few days *dahsyatnya, drpd update 12wks pregnant sampai that cute tiny creature now nearly 10mths baru ada hapdet!!!hebatt!!!kau ada?hahahah*

ok,now... presenting...... our Nurin Nuha!
 2 days old Nurin Nuha
Latest picture of Nuha,during her qiqah recently

Ok,cukup dulu for now... baik la cepat2 publish,takut terbengkalai lagi :P


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